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From the entrepreneur’s corner (30): Physical contact is currently not en vogue, but Total Recall is

This virus and its next versions are here to stay. It’s the new normal. At this moment, we believe that we can’t shut down the companies indefinitely in case one of us catches the virus, and then another one and so on, although temporarily closing up the shop is and will be a requirement by the law. The new normal has a strong remote working component. Our laptops are portable by design and our network infrastructure fully supports remote working. Many business functions are already digital; accounting, HR and others, who still rely on paper to some extent, will adapt. Besides, having a scratchy throat as a reason to stay away from the office will take some getting used to.

The order to skip working altogether is making us feeling unwell, for the time being. But let’s be realistic: without a proclivity for drama, adding a few new rules to our daily routine seems like a prudent course of action, even though we may feel awkward following them.

Even if there’ll be a vaccine (or more) for this one, its next versions, maybe even stronger and having learned humans’ treatments, won’t be covered. Again, we’ll adapt and combine remote working with physical presence. Some protection clothing will appear. A few will be protected and immunized, most not. People will keep on dying prematurely of viruses, violence and by political action, and soon, step by step and MPU by MPU, we’ll enter the “Total Recall” reality; and when the machines will get some conscience, you know the scenery… (while dreaming on the sofa.)

However, for now, get used to honoring your coworkers and business partners in t-shirts and sweatpants — this is normal.

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Ciprian Ghetau

Repeat entrepreneur, tech investor, Founder & MP @ BSC, formerly M&A Head @ CP (now Oaklins), Co-Founder & COO @ ATLNG, alum @FreemanSchool and @FulbrightPrgrm.