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From the entrepreneur’s corner (58): Celebrating 10 continuous years of work-from-anywhere and home, and announcing the summer 2021 exec coaching sessions

Ciprian Ghetau
3 min readMar 9, 2021


I’m celebrating 10 continuous years of work-from-anywhere and home, with the last 12 months full of WFH. My last day in an office (client’s) was March 10th, 2020. While I’ve worked full- and part-time from anywhere (incl. home) for more than 20 years, with my first virtual office at the end of 2002, I’ve never had a continuous rhythm as these last months. As soon as I’ll get vaxxed, I’ll resume some meetings in persona, outdoor.

„While many people want to get back to an office, I don’t. I’ve found a much better rhythm. While it took a 120-nanometer virus to reinforce it for me, I embrace it,” says Brad Feld in a recent blog post; and I totally agree with him. Consequently, my upcoming (extended) summer exec coaching sessions will be on the border of Black Sea coast (Constanta), in the nature, on the rocks and between waves; some coffee meetings at a terrace nearby will work though.

Here’s to me, and to the good times to come. “I think the change in venue for knowledge work is likely to be one of the biggest changes that we will see this decade.” — Fred Wilson

I take this opportunity to also introduce the summer 2021 exec coaching sessions’ preliminary agenda, where you can get advice on topics or subjects such as:

- Thinking about what would happen if tomorrow your board fires you;

- Picking the right growth lane;

- Focusing and managing the what, not the how;

- Using the JTBD (jobs-to-be-done) framework to understand customers;

- Adding more headcount?

- Tapping into the right market and pressure testing your startup/business idea with frameworks;

- Getting more from your meetings and virtual events;

- Getting a handle on anxiety by trusting your future self;

- Putting a black hat to go faster and fund the unknowns;

- Shifting to asynchronous to get better at storytelling;

- Dealing with the would-be acquirers or the need for capital;

- Setting up a cultural North Star;

- Weathering your team’s emotional ups and downs;

- Planning for uncertainty and using a framework;

- Putting together a harmonious leadership team;

- Asking specific questions on your next job hunt or hiring; or

- Turning your to-do list into a personal development opportunity… and more tips for managing the ups, downs and sideways.

Make summer 2021 your best exec coaching experience yet!

Think of all the places you can’t wait to go, the people you can’t wait to meet, the experiences you can’t wait to capture on camera. With a coaching session practically on the beach, you’ll be able to make up for all that lost time by traveling wherever you want for a fraction of the normal price. An intensive session can last five to 10 days, a fast track — one month, while the three or four months experience is for a complete cycle (some parts can be in Bucharest, if need be.) DM me if you’re interested — first come, first served.

Last but not least, spend quality time by yourself.

”Find meaning. Distinguish melancholy from sadness. Go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a romantic walk in the park, spring at its most spectacular moment, flowers and smells and outstanding poetical imagery smoothly transferring you into another world. It doesn’t have to be a walk during which you’ll have multiple life epiphanies and discover meanings no other brain ever managed to encounter. Do not be afraid of spending quality time by yourself. Find meaning or don’t find meaning but ’steal’ some time and give it freely and exclusively to your own self. Opt for privacy and solitude. That doesn’t make you antisocial or cause you to reject the rest of the world. But you need to breathe. And you need to be.” — Albert Camus, Notebooks, 1951–1959

My today’s preferred: WhatsApp Shop — ”simple & powerful Google Sheet add-on to launch an online store from Google Sheets and take orders on WhatsApp. It’s free forever.” (Product Hunt)



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